💡   What is Reuse 2 Give (R2G)?

Reuse 2 Give (R2G) is a program that allows the shopper to give a 25¢ donation to a non-profit of their choice each time they use a reusable bag.

💡   How does it work?

First, one must download the R2G App on their Apple or Android device to participate in this program. The App will then prompt you to Purchase a R2G Tag. You will need to purchase at least one R2G Tag for each banner in which you shop (i.e. Hannaford), and for each reusable bag you wish to use (i.e. one R2G Tag per reusable bag).

Once you receive your R2G Tag, attach it to your reusable bag. Each time you shop open your app, tap the R2G Sign found at the entrance of the store to 'Check In', then tap each R2G Tag in your App to 'Submit Your Reuse'. You will receive an email within 24 hours to send your donation to a non-profit of your choice.

Don't worry - our App will prompt you each step of the way! You can also visit our How It Works page to learn more.

💡 How much does the R2G Tag cost?

The R2G Tag costs $3.00. This is the only cost associated with participating in this program. The R2G App is free to download.

💡   What if I don't have an Apple or Android device?

You will need to have a device in which you can open and operate the R2G App to be able to participate in this program.

💡 What if I don't want to sign up with an email address?

An email address is required to participate in this program, as it is necessary to use the R2G App and it is necessary in order to direct each donation.

💡 Can any reusable bag be used in the R2G Program?

Yes! You can attach the R2G Tag to any reusable bag that you own to participate in this program.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact us at info@reuse2give.com or 603-380-9400 with any other questions.